One thing I hate about the South…there’s a report of an ice storm coming. So they all storm the grocery store like there’s no tomorrow. Thankfully, I needed real stuff, and didn’t feel the need to go searching every grocery store in 50 miles to find bottled water, and I buy fancy bread, so there was plenty of that.


    1. Well, that’s how I like to have a pantry. Canned goods for 10 days straight or some such. At some point I’ll have that much and more. I do have a good 5 gallons of water in a can and other stuff that’s militarily useful in a no resources event. However….my preference for extra canned goods and such is not my little Freak’s preference. She tends to have a day’s worth of food or more in the pantry. I’m slowly training her….but… takes time. :-).


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