Day: January 5, 2005

Sometimes, I think Brezsny is a wee bit behind….

Scorpio for this week:

Around the age of 17, students in Denmark take a standardized test that determines their educational fate and, ultimately, their career path. In an article in National Geographic, raconteur Garrison Keillor noted that teens who earn the very highest scores are eligible for the most prestigious occupations in Danish society: doctor, psychologist, and midwife. I urge you to remember the latter fact throughout 2005, Scorpio, because it will serve as a mnemonic device for my big prediction, which goes as follows: You will grow smarter in the coming year whenever you cultivate your power to heal, whenever you expand your understanding of the nature.

FreeWill Astrology

Thank you to those who distracted me a bit, this afternoon. It helped. I did manage to make it to the gym, not a full 2 hours, but I’ll head over tomorrow to do the last hour. As of the moment, I have crab rangoons, veggie potstickers, chicken lo mein and coffee that smells like cough syrup. So, I’m feeling much better now.

It seems to be a day for this crud 🙂