Moving forward….

I've been in deep contemplation about this blog, where it's going to go, and what it's going to be about. My main problem has been the fact that I have too many journals. One is for my spiritual stuffs, one is for my personal stuffs, and I have contemplated doing one for my work stuffs. But I think it's time to suck it up and dive in by merging them all. The business will obviously have its own, and I can easily cross-post, but I'd like to keep things going here. I have 10 years of stuff here, and a few years more elsewhere (but I think I tossed the disk in my last house purge….oops!). But the muse is stirring, and I'm loving it. This afternoon I wrote an amazing poem in my head, which of course has gone the way of the wind by now. I'm starting to come out of my cocoon and stretching my wings again.

Yoga is coming along, my asana practice is actually becoming regular! Created some zen time yesterday at the Center, doing what my "job" is, cleaning the alters. For some reason, I always find that to be the most relaxing and meditative thing for me, even though I showed up to meditate with my teacher (didn't happen because I lost track of time).

I'm happy to be able to really say, "I'm getting there", because I am. I'm being a bit more social, and enjoyed a really awesome dinner last night with friends, and a Persian restaurant complete with the tables you have to squat around (I wish more restaurants did this, it was quite awesome!). I buckled down this afternoon and finished up (what I think is finished up) my tax booklet, so I can go drop it on my super awesome accountant's desk. Hopefully, it won't add stress and will be pretty simple for him to put together in time, if not, no issues with paying my late fees. My classmate Ang commented once on how she's just absolutely loving her life now….I'm thrilled to say I'm joining her with that sentiment!!!

Oh yeah, I have sproutlings on my patio! The garlic is coming along nicely, and the basil and oregano have just started to poke their heads out, too. A couple more weeks and the tomato seedlings should pop-up, as well.

Now if I could just get better about going to sleep before 1AM and waking up before 8AM.

I need to get back to writing, as evidenced by the lack of posting here. After spending several days wondering why, it’s mainly because my main thinking time is at work, where I don’t have internet (yet) and the fact that a few situations has stilted my desire to speak my mind (that whole, people must drum up drama from what someone says, and not take it and leave it at face value). What I write here is normally what I’m thinking or feeling at that given moment about whatever subject I’m writing. In the past, that resulted in overt interrogations about what exactly I was talking about and how that involved certain people that weren’t even part of my mental discussion. I need to get over that.

The other part, is that I’m pretty involved in business stuffs, which is my focus and not necessarily the poetry and stories of my life. I need to reverse that and find a nice balance between the two, I miss poetry. I think I need to just fill up my 8×11.5 notebook, so I can invest in a smaller one that fits in my messenger bag. Maybe I’ll leave that one at work.

I’m also spending a decent chunk working on my house stuffs. I’ve fixed 2 walls, and tonight I’ll start working on the next one. After that, the ceiling joints of said walls. Fun stuff, actually. Once all of that is done, I start on the new base molding. I’m considering ceiling molding on the basis that it will save me from having to re-seam the living/dining room joints, as those are the ones in the worst of shape. We shall see, but it will be beautiful. Keeps me busy in my free time, too.

Been working on my culinary skills, as well. Not going as well as the house stuffs, but at least it’s going. Occasionally, I get a bug to cook something “European”, least, my version of a fancy lunch/dinner. Still loving the Thai cooking, but that’s because it involves shoving everything into one bowl. Maybe I’ll just focus on lunch, since I have time to cook it, as dinner comes right after I get home.

So that’s the update.

I’m trying to somewhat get on a schedule again. Somewhat failing. Mainly because I’m trying to get the house in order, second issue is food. I’m finding that I’m naturally falling into Ayurvedic habits, which I really like, but my summer habits mean I eat less at each sitting and my work/training schedule doesn’t actually mesh very well with an increase in meal/snack times.

Sooooo, what to do?? Well, as soon as I can get the bills under control, I’ve got my ideas to help me with all of this. Summer meals tend to start with granola, yogurt, berries. An hour later, some eggs and coffee. Then lunch. This is where it falls off the planet and the issues occur. I’m usually at work and working, which means….no food. If I’m in Buckhead, I can snag a decent salad and I’m fine (the Biscuit rocks on this).

And this is where I’m looking for ideas. From my travels, I have some good ideas on stuff and plan to incorporate them.

Meal options, suggestions welcome