lyrical stuff

I walked alone along a star lit path.
Frozen air kissing my face.
The lonely call of an owl echoing across the trees.

“Give in,” it says.
“There is nothing here for you.”
A rustle of the leaves.

The chittering of night squirrels.
“But there is…”
“Just listen.”

My eyes close.
Breath smoking away from my lips.
Snow begins to tickle my forehead.

Everything must die at some point.

I am lost…

It's dark.
Are my eyes open?
What was that?
:click::spark: :click::click: :click::spark:

Where is that coming from? Why can't I see anything?!?!?!?!?!?!

Thank you…

I need to get back to writing, as evidenced by the lack of posting here. After spending several days wondering why, it’s mainly because my main thinking time is at work, where I don’t have internet (yet) and the fact that a few situations has stilted my desire to speak my mind (that whole, people must drum up drama from what someone says, and not take it and leave it at face value). What I write here is normally what I’m thinking or feeling at that given moment about whatever subject I’m writing. In the past, that resulted in overt interrogations about what exactly I was talking about and how that involved certain people that weren’t even part of my mental discussion. I need to get over that.

The other part, is that I’m pretty involved in business stuffs, which is my focus and not necessarily the poetry and stories of my life. I need to reverse that and find a nice balance between the two, I miss poetry. I think I need to just fill up my 8×11.5 notebook, so I can invest in a smaller one that fits in my messenger bag. Maybe I’ll leave that one at work.

I’m also spending a decent chunk working on my house stuffs. I’ve fixed 2 walls, and tonight I’ll start working on the next one. After that, the ceiling joints of said walls. Fun stuff, actually. Once all of that is done, I start on the new base molding. I’m considering ceiling molding on the basis that it will save me from having to re-seam the living/dining room joints, as those are the ones in the worst of shape. We shall see, but it will be beautiful. Keeps me busy in my free time, too.

Been working on my culinary skills, as well. Not going as well as the house stuffs, but at least it’s going. Occasionally, I get a bug to cook something “European”, least, my version of a fancy lunch/dinner. Still loving the Thai cooking, but that’s because it involves shoving everything into one bowl. Maybe I’ll just focus on lunch, since I have time to cook it, as dinner comes right after I get home.

So that’s the update.

Last night I had a dream.
I answered those voices.
But there’s no way they heard.
No contact to trace them.

They want to be found, somehow.
Through the veil they must part.
yadda, yadda, yadda….

At any rate, anyone know how to burn a cd off an ipod playlist? I have an awesome list that would love to be concrete, but I guess Apple got stuck with the MP3 shit and I can’t import my stuff off my iPod. Clues?

I heard a voice cry out tonight. It held me in its grasp as it sang my emotions through my speakers. Calm and angelic, stirring that which refuses to die. A bond, growing through distance. The silence speaking more volumes than face words. Melding with my memories, faces, glances, touch, taste, floating before my eyes with each strain. Peace, at last, peace within myself, and without myself. The thanks I give for this, is immeasurable, unvoicable. Hate does not exist here, just love, for all that is, all that was, and all that will be. The future be known, I see no end, just let it come and exist.

Thank you.

Standing in the middle of a room.
Walls enclosing, caging me.
Rage within seeking release
No opening in sight.

My arms beating against this.
Feeling that which restrains me.
More and more I feel the wave.
Tsunami, knocking through me

Staring before me, nothing.
Thrashing wildly, fighting demons.

Can you open me up?
Show me what’s inside?
Fill me with life
Life that I have drained?

It felt so sweet
The kiss of the blade
Like the rush of drugs
Slowly flowing down my wrist

Exiting my body
Sending my soul free.
Releasing me from hell
Release from my prison