For the one who possesses my heart…

When I met you, I had given up on the idea of ever opening the doors of my heart again, to another human. But for some reason, the night I met you made me change my mind. There was something that you brought with you, that I could never quite make out. Your silent, but quiet understanding of everything I said. As we finally started talking, I found a long lost friend whose story I already knew and who truly understood me. I found a natural pattern that unfolded between us, nothing that really required much explanation and the things that did were met with an understanding that I have never been a part of. It was amazing.

I haven’t regretted anything between us, nor would I change any part of our journey to this day. Our angry silences have brought us to a greater understanding of ourselves and each other. Our joyous adventures have been absolutely amazing and have opened me up to a greater part of myself and the beauty that is around me. I cannot conceive of a time when I was not with you. Time has been endless and seems like every Sunday is a breakfast on the patio with music in the background or dancing in the evening, and a constant laugh always happening

You are amazing and I love that our souls sing in duet and our eyes give our hearts the same joy at the same vision.

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