Day: June 6, 2011


Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

The roots of big old trees are your power objects. I advise you to visualize them in your mind’s eye for a few minutes each day, maybe even go look at actual trees whose roots are showing above ground. Doing this will strengthen your resolve and increase your patience and help you find the deeper sources of nurturing you need. Another exercise that’s likely to energize you in just the right way is to picture yourself at age 77. I suggest you create a detailed vision of who you’ll be at that time. See yourself drinking a cup of tea as you gaze out over a verdant valley on a sunny afternoon in June. What are you wearing? What kind of tea is it? What birds do you see? What are your favorite memories of the last 30 years?

FreeWill Astrology

Given the way the last couple of weeks have been going, and my mum’s diagnosis of me having the flu, would probably be a good idea to nurture myself. I think it would be a good idea to go back and look at my roots. Any time there is a change of chapters, returning to roots is a good means to integrate the new things learned with the old things, in order to move forward. So, I’ll work on this, this week. 🙂

That said, things are going nicely. I found some decking, in the event that I have to suffer the horrid colour of paint on my patio, that matches the condo siding. My pepper plants are looking nice, growing slowly, but good. I’ll be able to afford new planters soon, so they’ll be ready. 🙂 The strawberry plant is doing wonderfully, too. The roses….not so much. The praying mantii were late in hatching, and the white flies have already destroyed a good bit of them. They’ll be getting cut back a good bit come winter, hoping to rid the world of some white flies. In the process of figuring out which new herbs to buy for the new planter box, preferably some Italian ones, given my love of Italian food.

Office is coming together, slowly. LivingSocial is all resolved, and I’m definitely getting interest from folks who want to be members. In the process of hoping to interview at least one therapist, soon. My yoga certification starts in September, super psyched about that, given my need to get active again. In the meantime, I’m looking around for affordable rollerblades in hope that I can start waking up early enough to go for a skate without overheating. One step at a time, and I am getting there. Balance is delicate, but it’s working, as long as I keep the bigger picture in mind and keep my reacting in the moment to the moments. I’m highly worried that I’m over-stressing myself to a heart attack. Just need to get through this point and I’m good.