Day: June 13, 2011

My creative half

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, I’ve discovered something interesting about myself…when my creative side is safe and secure, I tend to watch movies involving romance. I noticed about a year ago, that I stopped watching most of my movie collection and pretty much stopped watching movies all-together. Never really questioned it and chalked it up to lack of interest and need to focus elsewhere. A couple of weeks ago, I shed some baggage and dropped a layer of armour. I’ve basically shut down the desire to write, because I was tired of things being read into my writing and basic fear of what it might mean to others. Well, dropped that off a high pier, I’m tired of worrying about that because I don’t want others to feel they can’t do something because of my feelings, therefore, I should not let that dictate my own writings. I feel lighter, more in love with life and the things that I do. I am ready to start exploring the new depths that I have waded into and find the new treasures.

I’ve also started watching my sappy movies. It’s my guilty movie pleasure, but it stokes the fires that let me see the beauty in everything and not so much the negativity.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. And may the love letters flow from my pen.