Day: June 27, 2011

Distance is not just a number

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

In August and September, millions of seabirds known as Sooty Shearwaters leave their homes in New Zealand and travel thousands of miles to the Gulf of the Farallones, just off the coast of San Francisco. Why do they do it? The feeding is first-class; the tasty fish and squid they like are available in abundance. I suggest you consider a Sooty Shearwater-type quest in the coming weeks, Scorpio. The very best samples of the goodies you crave are located at a distance, either in a literal or metaphorical sense.

FreeWill Astrology

Well, I will be traveling over 1k miles next week, and I hope to have things set up, so far, to where I will only need to do a minor monitoring of work-stuffs. I will be happy to get out of this country again, and this time, I’m leaving the news behind. I need to disconnect for a bit, really disconnect. I’m doing better at being mindful of my stress levels, and taking deep breaths as needed and telling my shoulders to drop. Even started water exercises on Tuesday mornings. Spent last weekend with good friends, need to do more of that, more frequently even if it means putting more money in the gas tank. Simplicity, need to get back to it, because I spend way too much time sitting on my ass (which is killing me) in front of a computer (which is killing me) and stressing (which is killing me). See the trend?

My eating habits are improving, slowly. I do remember to grab my granola bar as I head out the door and thanks to MARTA and its wonderful ability to be on time, I’m walking a lot more. The schedule is getting better, but I’m still missing a female therapist, the good thing is that I have dependable folks I can call upon from time to time to cover me. I’m happy to realize that I am finally surrounding myself with folks who not only reciprocate, but will allow me to be indebted to them for short periods of time, till I can repay them in some manner. I’m finally starting to feel secure in those relationships and not feel like I’m shelling out more than I’m getting back (and I hope that those involved feel the same, if not, let me know and I’ll put you in first place, I don’t intentionally forget that) – which, BTW psychosu, my mum reminded me to take you out to dinner when I get home, so start thinking what new and exciting place we can go.

Oh yeah, I need to stretch myself and stop worrying about getting everything perfect. As my dad said, I have 30 years to get my house perfect (but I can’t wait to have the bedroom tile and the door separations put in). I just need to remember, I have time.

And another interpretation, fill yourself to the gills when you can and spoil yourself on delectable items, but remember to be humble and live simply in the meantime. 😉