Day: June 2, 2011


Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Provocative new influences are headed your way from a distance. Meanwhile, familiar influences that are close at hand are about to burst forth with fresh offerings. It’s likely that both the faraway and nearby phenomena will arrive on the scene at around the same time and with a similar intensity. Try not to get into a situation where they will compete with or oppose each other. Your best bet will be to put them both into play in ways that allow them to complement each other.

FreeWill Astrology

Hrm, not quite sure what all this means as I haven’t seen any evidence of any new influences, much less provocative ones. Though, I will say the new found popularity I seem to have is interesting. I still hate talking on the phone and my out-of-control schedule is a hassle. I’m on my way to a new therapist in the office, which will be nice (really nice). I might actually reconfigure the first part of my week, as I found my two days off – in a row – was much what the Dr ordered. I’ve always thought that a split week would be doable, but I found that I was fully recharged after 2 hectic weeks over the span of 1.5 days off. Food for thought.

Not much else going on these days, besides work. I’m not stressing about the bills today, due to that nice sizable check arriving yesterday. So tonight, bill paying will be on the docket and hopefully everyone will quit harassing me for being so late.

I have made a few changes in life, the goal is happiness and balance. Some things that I had hoped would occur do not seem to be, so I gave up on them and cut them out of my life. Main focus is growing the business and getting my house in order, which is happening, slowly.

My health goals are going to be slow, as I need to figure out a better means to exercise, now that the summer heat is here and my body is saying “fuck you” to the concept of going outdoors and doing any amount of exertion. Yay summer!!!! Means the indoor yoga practice is going to have to get off its ass (and I’m working on that).