Month: May 2011

Beating myself up

I need to quit self-sabotaging at work. I was hoping to have next Thursday off, but I already have clients at one office. I’m trying to maintain the afternoon off, and maybe do something like today, where I went over to another client and did a lazy hour with her. It destressed me quite a bit, and made her feel good, too. Tuesday is out of the question as well, as I already have folks on there, so might as well add a couple more.

I’m exhausted and I’m getting sick and feeling quite over-whelmed, as I’m trying to fill out the other therapists schedules, without doing a 10-8 shift, and still maintaining enough recovery time, and time to return phone calls. I still need to find time to go to the bank, which means I don’t get to sleep in much tomorrow, the bills don’t like when you’re really late.

Yes, I’m whiney right now, some of the responses from the LS coupon have been less than stellar, but don’t have any constructive criticism whatsoever. So I don’t know what they were looking for in the first place, that led to the expectation not being met.

Anyway, I’m tired, going to veg out now.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Hugo Chavez is the socialist president of Venezuela, not an astronomer or New Age philosopher. And yet he recently speculated that the planet Mars once had a thriving civilization that met its doom because its resources were drained off and poisoned by the excesses of capitalism. I love it when notable people go off-message and freestyle wacky fantasies, so I applaud Chavez’s improvisation. May I respectfully suggest you consider indulging in your own version of this art form? According to my reading of the astrological omens, it would be downright healthy for you to depart from your usual raps and unveil some unpredictable self-expressions to anyone and everyone who think they have you all figured out.

FreeWill Astrology

Well, at least it would definitely make things be more interesting than they currently are, I think. But I can say, I really don’t like the idea of being lumped in with Hugo Chavez. What a nutcase.

Been one heck of a week. Tuesday-Thursday has been non-stop appointment making, which is good but drives me nuts, given how much I hate phone conversations. So far, we have 4 people interested in some kind of membership, one of them I will be seeing again next week. Need to print out some more price menus, as my window one has been given away and my spare has also. Been some hit and miss, which I can deal with. I do need to hit up the school and put up an advert for a female therapist, as I need one by October, anyway, so this is a good time to at least run the possibility of building her client list.

The house is coming along, haven’t really done anything lately, but the doors have been picked out, outlets changed and fixed one to work. Picked out the window film, too for both the sunroom crappy window and the bathroom/bedroom door windows.

eydimork, if you read this, I remember you posting a recipe or something for portobello mushroom caps. I’m at the point where I would love to try and make them, and your description sounded absolutely yummy.

Pastry has received his wonderful packet from the embassy for his visa. So we’re on our way.

Lots of positive things. I’m hoping this LivingSocial coupon brings in more folks, I’d like to start being more social again. Now that I’m only going out to Acworth once a month, there’s a better chance, as that’s $15 of gas money that stays in my pocket, instead of being paid out every week (which means more trivia night at NRT!).