Month: August 2010

Hey look! I’m not dead and just posting horrorscopes!

Heh, anyway, this weekend was pretty busy. I created a psycho Friday/Saturday schedule, of back-to-backs at both my office and with my private clients, including a straight 4-hr/30m break/1.5-hr Saturday. Though, it was fun and I was surprised at how not-so-stressed I am over it.

Sunday was a celebration of the Su-ness. So Happy Birthday psychosu!!!! I love you, you’re amazing and you’re looking fabulously hotter than normal!

I’m still learning to trust in the universe, in fact, I’m about to take a huge leap of faith. I finally put in my resignation, and I will be focusing completely on my company. This means my budget deficit is 100% on my shoulders, which, funny enough, I can tolerate more than relying on an outside company to help me fall short. So right now, I place my trust in the universe to put the doors there, and in me to find and open them.

And on that note, since it’s been almost 24-hrs since I started this post – apparently, I needed to learn a lesson in generosity (or keeping track of my stuff).

Lesson and commentary