I might be a bit rambly, here, as I really don’t have anything in my head to focus a topic.

I’m still working on cutting down on that whole “paying out money”, thing. My goal, sometime today is to figure out the fixed costs so I know what my income needs to be for the basics. I’m budgeting in MARTA costs, since one of my offices is at one MARTA station and I live right next door to another. That’ll decrease some output, since all my shopping is done at stops on the way home, so an unlimited plan will definitely be a good thing. That way, I can limit my driving to socializing and going to Acworth/Chamblee until I can wipe out the Acworth trip and when the Chamblee office moves (both potential spaces are closer to my house). I’ve managed to decrease my ProgPower output by accepting a room at the Courtyard, which takes about $100 a night off the room bill, which is then split 4 ways/ between 2 couples.

Food-wise, I am shopping around more and seeing which stores have what at what price. I’m also trying to use Costco and coupons more. That does help, and I have a reloadable gift card for Costco, so I’ll be putting more money on that. I’m also going to snag another one for Target, tip money is great for this stuff, and putting money there will help when the income dips a bit too low.

On the home front, I finally read a letter that came from my mortgage bank. Apparently, my hazard insurance, that the initial bank got me, has a deductible that is too high. My insurance company is supposed to call me back sometime today. Depending on that call, I might go back to my insurance company (which will cut down on paying out on stuffs). Kinda irritating, but we’ll see how much that increases things. The one thing I hate about required insurance, they want it to cover more than what I actually have or need. Talk about a scam.

Once I get all of this into place, I’m going to start putting money in the savings account, again. That should be possible, once I finish paying off all the debt from the house purchase (AT&T*cough*deathstar*cough*) I’m almost done paying off all the credit cards. Granted, they’ll have to be used again, but at least they’ll all be under $300, even with the new purchase on them.

I’m going through the clothes this week, so if anyone is interested in pants/bdus or t-shirts (some of the pants are too small for me) let me know so I can send pics or something, before I take them to consignment (they’re free to friends who can wear them).

I’m on track to get the teeth fixed, starting this year. I have my yearly cleaning scheduled this month, at which point I’ll make the appointment for a consultation with the guy who does all the surgery-type stuffs. I’m a bit antsy and a bit self-conscious about everything, but I’d really like my mouth to stop hurting and feeling lop-sided.

Workouts have been non-existent, but hopefully MARTA will at least make me walk enough that the lack of running won’t be too big an issue. I’m considering the investment in water weights, as I have a pool, so I might as well use it.

Oh yeah, and the social calendar. I’m hoping to try and be social at least once a week. I’m going to suck it up and start attending more of the local concerts I get reminders for, as long as they’re on a day off or a day where I go into work late. L is back in town, and we were talking about meeting up every other week for lunch. Prof. D and one of his other students are going to the Dali exhibit, he’s going to call me and let me know if they go tomorrow.

I’m honestly feeling positive, even if I’m a bit apprehensive about some of the changes I’m going to be making, particularly on the business side of things. I just think it’s time to break the habit of depending on allowances when I get them, and living under the stress of the wait, while living paycheck to paycheck.

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