Month: July 2010

Oh the joy!!!! Last night, my new router arrived, so I spent until midnight + trying to get my airport express to play nice. Managed to get it working this morning, then destroyed the network. Go me!!! Lots of resets on the airport express, because my hub computer doesn’t want to notice it’s around. Reason for destruction, is that I want to add it to the main network, but it doesn’t want that. It wants its own network, which is kinda fine, except that when I did that, my internet network got sloooooooooooooooooooow. So, tonight will be a complete factory restore of the router and a reconfig to get that up and running. Tomorrow, I have time to play around with the airport, so I’ll do that then.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you get someone to talk you through assistance, instead of letting them take care of everything for you. Unless, of course, you want to rely upon providers of said service from point on out. Something about self-reliance and ability to provide in the event it’s needed….

Anyway…things are coming along quite nice for the house. I found a baby grill for the patio, which is all complete, outside of the bike rack (which Tigger is kind enough to help me find/create). Sunroom needs my meditation pillow and a low meditation alter, the new outlet plates and some decorations and it’s done. Sunroom closet needs one more set of brackets and maybe some hooks for bags. Living room/dining room is done for everything except a shelf and hooks by the front door, outlet plates and decorations. Kitchen needs one more utility shelf, outlet plates and the floor cabinet drawers and it’s done. Bedroom/bathroom is where it’s at. Goal is to have the wall for the bedroom/hallway done by September. If it’s not, curtains will work nicely, for now. Bathroom is on slate and being saved for, as next year’s project, since there’s more involved in that. Not to mention, Pastry had an idea that we need to talk about and see whether it increases or detracts from the house value.

All said, I’m feeling a bit accomplished with everything. My friend Tommy walked me through the last bit of the installation with the new thermostat, which is working well. Only issues are outlet/switch receptacles that are not deep enough or properly anchored. With my cousin coming out for work on the Fulton co. jail, I might see if he’s up for some side work in helping me plan a new wiring plan for the house, or at least checking the wiring and separating some of the switch zones, as well as the additions for the living room and hallway lighting.

I am having fun with it though. Hell, I’m even taking a somewhat active role with all the plants my mum put on my patio. And really happy that I did not get a bigger place. Tiny is awesome.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

In a favorable review of Badger Mountain Riesling wine, said, “The sweet succulent aromas of bosc pears are woven with lilacs and just a hint of petrol.” Meanwhile, Allure magazine named Secretions Magnifique as one of the top five sexiest perfumes in the world, even though its fragrance is like “floral bilge.” Petrol? Bilge? Both commentaries seem to suggest that greatness may contain a taint — or even that the very nature of greatness may require it to have a trace of something offensive. I’m guessing that’ll be a theme for you in the coming week.

FreeWill Astrology

Hrm, great things tainted by something not-so-great. Yeah, I can see how that is going to apply in the coming weeks. Let’s see, job situation changing, A/C issues still at the forefront. The positive, is that I still have 4.5 years to sue my former boss (hear that J?). I’m keeping the reserves in check, to make sure that I can float for the next year. Downplaying the expectations for the new business space.

This will be another year of growth, for good or bad. It’s time.

I guess I’m a little late on the spring cleaning, but at least the attitude is growing more positive as the summer progresses. Not necessarily in the sense that everything is going to happen the way that I want it to, but in that it’s at least going to happen. I’ve let go of a serious dead end, least in the emotional sense, and I’m building the foundation necessary for the structure to replace it. Pretty much, I’ve made the decision to rely only on the income of my business and focus on its growth, than relying on outside sources of income. It detracts from my focus of growing my business, even if it allows me to leave more of the business income with the business. I also need the time to talk with a colleague about an idea that would benefit us both, and that definitely requires time.

I’m also moving more towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Yeah, kind of redundant, considering the lifestyle I’ve been living for the last 3 years. But, I’m cutting back on the distance driving, and as soon as the credit debt is paid down some more, I’m going to start budgeting more on my MARTA card for Atlanta trips, since all the shopping centers I frequent are either in my immediate area or on a MARTA rail line. On the days off, I don’t mind spending the extra time necessary to do my shopping by bus/rail – which will also give me the unwinding time I’ve been needing.

Now, to get that exercise routine going. That’s the major hindrance right now. My body doesn’t acclimate to heat very well, which has really cut into the hour walks/runs/bike rides. And that inability to wake up in the mornings….well, that pretty much cuts out the prime time to do all that. But I’m getting there.

(And these feelings are greatly helped by the fact that my house is becoming more and more organized.)…speaking of…I will be needing some assistance with some renovations, in order to get the place ready for guests in September. Namely, adding a door/wall to split my bedroom off from the hallway/bathroom. Will know more after speaking a bit more with my renovations guy.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

For the foreseeable future, it’s fine with God (and with Nature, too) if you put all your eggs in one basket — as long as the basket is well-woven and beautiful to behold. You’ve also got cosmic permission to forget about all but one of the tempting targets in your field of vision — as long as the bull’s-eye you choose is very worthy of your sacred longing. To sum up, Scorpio, be single-mindedly focused almost to the point of manic obsession — as long as you’re reasonably sure that the object of your devotion is your personal version of the Holy Grail.

FreeWill Astrology

Now this, is worth meditating over, for the next week. I am feeling the “stir the pot” machinations and I’m loving it. It’s time to stop stagnating, and time to move forward. Lots of ideas swirling around, just need to get off my ass and get them done.

Will write more on this later….I hope.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

How’s that project coming, Scorpio? You know, that assignment the universe gave you at the beginning of 2010 to loosen up, play more, and periodically laugh like a tipsy Sagittarius. Have you been taking a sabbatical from the seething complications that in most other years are your rightful specialty? Did you throw some of your emotional baggage off a cliff? Are you dancing more frequently? I hope you’ve been attending to all of this crucial work, and I trust that you’re primed to do even more of it during the next six months. To take maximum advantage of your appointments with relief and release, you’ll have to be even sweeter and lighter.

FreeWill Astrology

Ummmmm, I forgot about it???? Yeah, all that crap that was dumped on me, over the last couple of months kinda pulled the plug on that whole “having fun” concept. Not to mention, kinda hard to have fun when the cheapest method of transportation = heat stroke right now. The emotional baggage is getting ready to go, because I’m finally at the point of acceptance of one thing that needs to go. That hint has been heard loud and clear.

Thanks for the reminder.