Month: December 2009

Scorpio (October 23-November 21):

Comedian Chris Rock has a joke that plays on the stereotypes about your sign: “Most Scorpios die while they’re making love!” (Only he uses the f-word instead of “making love.”) I understand the source of his satire. There are more than a few grains of truth in the notion that Scorpios revel in the enigmas of eros and death. On the other hand, I wouldn’t reduce your mystique to such a simple formula. I’d prefer to say something like this: You’re sexy when you’re letting go of your staunch self-control. Or: You’re an expert at transcending humdrum modes of awareness by stimulating intense pleasure. Or: If fully harnessed, your orgasmic power could kill off any destructive compulsions you might be harboring. And by the way, 2010 will be one of the best years ever for you to cash in on these capacities.

FreeWill Astrology

Interesting. I’ll ponder it more while driving tomorrow.

My review of Avatar:

Nit-picky stuff – Fuck you assholes in the upper balcony for not moving and opening up two seats. Front row with CGI is migraine inducing, I was tempted to walk up there to puke. I also wasn’t thrilled with the fact that I missed at least 30 minutes of the movie, visually, because I had to rest my eyes to keep from puking.

The rest of it – I will not jump on the FernGully meets Dances with Wolves crowd. Neither of those movies comes even close to the various interpretations you can walk away with, from this movie. FernGully was all about saving the rainforests and the eco-systems. That was truly a hippy movie about the evils of Western civilization, with the humour of Robin Williams to indoctrinate the kids. Dances with Wolves…well, it was Kevin Costner, that’s about all I can say to it, outside of the concept that the White Man does not have all the answers, and trying to force something down the throats of people who have a system that works perfectly well, is not the brightest idea (this would be why Brazil has various laws protecting the indigenous tribes of the Amazon, they get it).

Instead, I’m going to say that James Cameron finally figured out how to refine his story and get it right. It’s about stepping outside of one’s perspectives, to view things with a new set of eyes – or “an empty cup”. It’s about understanding that one tradition works in a certain place and a certain time, and forcing yours upon someone else, without their consent is not a real means to an end. That said, you bring in the warrior aspect and the concept of fighting and hunting as needed – this includes in order to get what you want, when all other means of seeking that end have been exhausted. Call it a thesis on Teddy Roosevelt’s concept of conservation, as it touches mostly upon taking what’s needed, as its needed and not extending yourself into the realm of a useless surplus – a lesson I’ve found us ‘Westerners’ could seriously use.

From the perspective of the Na’vi, it’s the encroachment upon their way of life, which developed and evolved from their natural habitat. Finding a means to live within their surroundings with minimal issue and “drama” by working within the environment and not working against it, as a means to control it vs being controlled by. A little give/take/sacrifice in order to get what is needed, and this is not a hippy/pagan concept – an idea that Grace’s character was trying to elaborate, at one point. It’s a concept that exists in all theological teachings, except maybe the gluttonous “me” theology, where it’s take what you want, when you want it at all costs.

To go deeper, consider it the internal individual’s struggle between materialistic desires, and spiritual needs, and how to balance the two of them.

So consider those my half-baked thoughts right now, as there are too many layers to really write about all of them (could easily make the fodder given into a thesis paper). Emotive thoughts, I cried. Not because of the overwhelming migraine that’s going to hit tonight because of the aforementioned assholes, but because of the full story-line. It touched upon everything that I believe in, including the “man plans, the gods laugh” concept. The concept of the warrior/mercenary and the various definitions of both. Definitely going to see it again, so I can see what I missed. Will probably snag it on DVD, as well as the soundtrack. For those who have ever been curious as to my personal spiritual beliefs, they’re now on screen for ya.

Not sure if I’ll bother with a year summation, since I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. 🙂 Spare the details….AGAIN! But I do have to say, it’s been nice to go out to social events, lately, and find out I’ve been missed, as much as I’ve been missing everyone else. I was hesitant on the thought that I would be the one who needed to walk away, as splits always end up a bit on the awkward side (so my apologies if I come off as snippy at times to some questions).

That said…I have the Pastry here, snuggles, crepes and coffee in the AM, being lazy with movies and music when I’m not working. Going for walks, dinner with friends, has been wonderful. If tomorrow’s sun holds, we’ll be going to the Botanical Gardens to look around. This weekend we head to Florida to hang out with my parents (we’ll be in the Palm Beach area and have Sunday open for hanging out with friends). Next week is the da Vinci exhibit and the NYE party. It’s been awesome, I don’t feel like my life is being intruded upon or I’m being pushed in one direction or the other (outside of running late here and there). Things just flow and mesh quite well, I honestly don’t think I could be any happier as I am in this moment.

One word to describe the end of this year – Parfait. :)~

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

“It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)” is a jazz tune composed in 1931 by Duke Ellington and Irving Mills. In accordance with your long-term astrological omens, I propose that we make that song title your motto in 2010 — the standard you’ll keep referring to as you evaluate which experiences you want to pursue and which you don’t. Please proceed on the assumption that you should share your life energy primarily with people and situations that make your soul sing and tingle and swing.

FreeWill Astrology

Yeah, I’m late, happens when you have distractions. *eg* That said, I think I’m going to agree with my boy Rob, here. I’m finding that the directions I need to go in, and the universe seems to be pushing me towards, are ones that make me dance. They seem to be the directions that make the most sense to me, and seem to be the ones that end up most profitable. Glad I ditched the baggage and can see the signs as they come. Now, if only I could hit the point where I can start sharing the wealth with those, who also deserve it.