This weekend was a social whirlwind for me. Saturday night was psychosu‘s ‘new jobbitty party’. Had a blast with that, and tossed my idea to buy my friend’s condo by her. So far, she likes the idea and it gives her time to get her stuff in order. Bonus. Then came home and put my bed together and passing out on it at around 1.30AM. Woke up to Pastry im’ing me, apparently I forgot to turn off my im’s. Was a good thing, because I needed to wake up, but totally missed the wake-up call. Cleaned up the house, reorganized everything, made chili. The chili was good, but I think I didn’t add enough chili powder. The purple onion and lamb was awesome in it, so I’m really glad I made that choice. Got dressed up all schmancy-like, being stress-free is really nice for wanting to dress up. The downside is that I am definitely out of practice for corset wearing. Then off to moonbird‘s picnic at Oakland Cemetary. It was wonderful to play catch up with some folks that I haven’t seen in a while, and organize a yummy dinner with a friend for later. w00t!! Snuck off around 4ish to finish the house cleaning and start relaxing.

Outside of that, I’m definitely still working through some residuals. Kept my distance from various folks for reasons of odds and ends. Had hoped teh Su could have made it, would have helped that ‘awkward’ feeling a little bit, but hey, I had nancy624. 😀 I really wish Pastry could have been there, he would have had fun, and enjoyed the scenery. I think he’ll get along great with everyone too, can’t wait till New Year’s to introduce him to everyone. Gonna be so much fun.

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