Today was one of my ‘odd’ days off. It was nice. I slept in, for Marmot DayTM, drank coffee and listened to jazz, following that up with lovely conversation, then some DSO with pasta and more conversation. Ending with tea and cheese and DFW to keep me company. Reading his stuff makes me miss him all the more. I’m finishing up A supposedly fun thing I’ll never do again. I’m not sure what hits me most, the reminder of our conversations before, during and after class, or the fact I can hear his voice as I read the words, more as if he’s weaving a tale for me than me envisioning the words in my head. I miss him. He really was an amazing person, and I’m damned glad I was able to have him in my life. Anyone who is a fan of people watching would adore his essays and short stories….Infinite Jest, not so much (still working through that one too. I can read Durant’s works faster than that thing, but now I know where the Pulp Fiction assignment came from).

Now, it’s bedtime. iTunes is cycling my library, finding which tracks are now missing, as I reorganized things. I don’t like v9, I can’t listen and import at the same time, and for some reason it put Flogging Molly’s Long way home in the compilation folder. Weird. At least all of Depeche Mode is in one place, I think.

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