Scorpio for this week:

“Dear Rob: In the past few weeks, life has been opening me up over and over again, as if I were a rose that couldn’t stop blooming. Every perception hits me with a soothing bolt of clarity. Every conversation is gracefully sculpted, as if composed by a higher power. I’m listening and actually hearing what people really mean. I feel accountable for each word that comes out of my mouth. It’s amazing. Do you have any tips for keeping this state going on forever? I’m afraid I’ll slip back into a duller, more self-absorbed state. – Scorpio On Fire.” Dear Scorpio: Don’t cling. Don’t be grasping or anxious. Instead, do what is potentially every Scorpio’s specialty: Die and be reborn every day. Again and again, kill off the magic that’s working so well and artfully resurrect it in a transformed version.

FreeWill Astrology

This is one thing I’ve definitely taken home from my yoga studies. Let go, let it happen. The more you cling to something, the more you lose your grasp on it and the faster it will slip away. View each instance of life as a delicate crystal vase, holding it gently, yet firmly and appreciate the every aspect of it. The colour variations, the design, the sound it reverberates with, everything. Some things are fleeting, but when you savour them like a fine wine or delicacy, the memory stays with you and becomes easy to recall, as well does that fleeting moment step out of time and become an eternity.

Heh, I think I need to sit down with a writing suggestion and do some writing again.


  1. I keep meaning to ask about this-
    I’ll be in Atlanta again for Dragon*Con this year. Are there places you would suggest to eat at that aren’t too far from the convention? Several years ago, I know there was an Indian restaurant you could go to if you took the tram.


    1. Yeah, let me look at the map and see what I can put together for you, that within walking distance. I think MARTA has a multi-pass thing now, which might be useful for the weekend.


      1. “Multipass!” Heh, sorry, had Fifth Element stuck in my head. 🙂

        I know that the hotel we are staying at is a Marriot, about 3 blocks away from the convention, and that none of us want to eat at the food court every day. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 🙂


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