Day: August 19, 2007

My latest experiment. Starting next month, when I’ll hopefully have my bike put together, I’m going to see if I can go for an entire month with limited use of my car. This isn’t exactly an experiment in being “green”, so much as it’s the fact that I put a ton of miles on my car getting to and from my training center. So, I figure Fri-Sun I won’t really need my car, and Tues-Thurs I can possibly use my car very little, by dropping it off at a Marta Station and hopping a bus or the train into Buckhead, since it’s more than likely that I’ll be driving back out to Holly Springs after work to train. Plus, once it starts cooling down again, I’ll be able to bike more. The only thing I’m going to have to work out, is my sheets. I figure a small basket on my bike will allow a few sheets here and there, and the days I take the bus I can take my full basket home with me. My goal in all of this, is to save milage and stress, plus, it’s a good workout that I need outside of training.

I’m seriously feeling really good about the changes that I’m making, and tomorrow, I go check at my Yoga center to see how much teacher training will be. I was given an offer to teach, what I call, Warrior Yoga at my Academy. While I’m definitely qualified for it, I want the certificate that says I am. And I’ll need to start putting together a curriculum for it when I get home. I’ll probably talk about it here, a good bit, or maybe on my religion blog, since it’s an aspect of that realm. Oh hell, I’ll just cross-post.

With all that said….anyone know of a good nutritionist? I need to have my diet analyzed.

I am dead tired. Worked all day yesterday, then went to Teh Su’s b-day party and then headed home and crashed. It was great seeing all the local metalheads that I normally only see once a year (and we live in the same city, go fig). I have to work today, which isn’t that big of a deal, outside of the fact that I’m dead tired. I still have to paint my hair, paint my nails, pack and sleep a lot to prep for this weekend. I’m not sure how it’s going to go, I’m fairly confident about the competition, so no worries there. I am worried about being around all the Brasilians, even though my travel companion from Scana has been kind enough to offer salvation in helping him move (if I’m capable of moving after my matches). I’m also hoping to take the time over this week to finish up the Scana blog (down to one day left) and get that up here. I also need to finish processing the video. I can get the pictures uploaded to the picture page by tonight, so tomorrow I’ll update with the links to that. For those who aren’t boycotting myspace, both the unfinished blog and the pictures are located on the travel profile. I also need to finish updating the written journal, even though I’ve hit a snag and forgot to write the last entry for my trip to see my parents (yeah, that’s how far behind I am). I’ll probably just leave it out and go on to my last trip to Cali.

For those of you who wanted to schedule massage appointments with me, now would be the time to do so, for after I get back from Cali. Keep in mind that there will be no home visits, the sessions will have to be at my office in Buckhead, on Sundays. I get back from Cali on Monday the 27th, so any time after that, schedule providing.