So, yesterday resulted in a little change-up, and the powers that be at my gym have officially pissed me off. They fired my instructor (though, they will say otherwise, of course). This is the 3rd time I’ve had an instructor change up, the first time was dealable, and the second time was understandable (my No-Gi instructor was a substitute while they finished the gym that he would be heading up), but this time is unacceptable. They’ve brought back my first No-Gi instructor, which is fine, I’ll train under him if he’s teaching No-Gi during my scheduled training slot. If not, I get to start dragging my ass out of bed even sooner, which means you’ll see even less of me, because I’ll have to drive to Gwinnett and Kennesaw to train with the black belt instructors. It’s ridiculous, they canned a black belt instructor, to bring back a purple and a brown belt instructor. This makes no sense to me whatsoever. At any rate, I’ll train under my old coach for No-Gi, but neither for Gi. I’m tired of having to start over with instructors, and I’ll make the trek to train with the instructors who already know where I’m at, or have purple belt or higher students who’ve trained during my sessions and can elaborate on where I’m at. The positive thing, is that I know I’m not the only one of my teammates who’s pissed off about this, down to the fact that I will miss several of my teammates when they’re gone. Fact remains, and this is something the powers that be, at the gym don’t understand….WE ARE A FAMILY, WE FIGHT AND TRAIN AS A FAMILY AND FAMILY DOES NOT GIVE UP ON EACH OTHER. Guess they just expected us all to shrug and say, “Oh well”. Too bad they didn’t count on blood ties.

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