As I seem to be seeing this a lot around the blogosphere, I’d just like to point out a few things….

To those who want to complain that 300 isn’t historically accurate:

No shit Sherlock, it’s based on a comic book dealing specifically with the bardcraft of telling the tale of a battle. Please, show me a warrior culture that didn’t elaborate on the facts of various battles for the point of rallying the people. If you find one, I can tell you they probably weren’t all that successful on the battlefront.

In other skewed viewpoints, I don’t recall Michael Moore or Oliver Stone being that partial to the facts, and just the facts. 😀 Even they recognize that people can’t sit through their crap without a little tale spinning.


  1. 300

    i’m glad they embellished it. it’s such a simple story: greece is in peril, 300 guys delay the persians so that the greeks can get organized, 300 guys get dead. the rest, is history ;D

    i only minded the reflections of modern society mirrored in the tale. other wise i thought it rocked.


    1. hahahahahaha, yeah, i thought that was a bit over-the-top. granted, i find it highly amusing that the persian king was presented in a homoerotic fashion. granted, as far as tale-telling from the greek perspective, it would make sense.


      1. i think i laughed even harder when i read about that. i mean, i can see with the timing, but i can’t see the “message”. of course, this is what happens when the majority of your citizens get government filtered news.


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