Day: July 2, 2006

Oh yeah, would like to send my thanks to everyone last night. Sorry I wasn’t a bit more sociable, but such is the nature of my job. Hopefully, next gathering I will have some time to decompress first.

So it’s July 4th weekend, and I finally get a 3 day weekend, but that’s only because I don’t work Mondays anymore. I have this entry in my head to celebrate Independence Day, which, while in the grand scheme of things it’s Independence from Britain. This entry is going to be about my own independence, something most people see, but don’t really know about. And I think it’s time that I come to grips with it as well.

With that said, this weekend I send my salutes to all my friends who are or have served, with special thoughts to my Whipping boy, who is suffering 100 deg. heat and freezing A/C with no sweatshirt. Gotta love him.