Day: July 25, 2006

So, my amusement for the day…..I went to get my oil changed, and hopped over to REI afterwards, to spend some time between the finish of my car and the start of kickboxing. Well, picked up the sandals I’ve been wanting, forever, for half off, and then headed over to Circuit City. I saw they had the unrated version of Lords of Dog Town, so I picked it up as well. I get up to the counter, and the pimpled-face 17 year-old behind the register looks at me and asks for my ID. “You’re IDing for a movie?” “Yeah, it’s unrated.” So I start giggling, imagining the boot-kicking going on in his head as he sees “1977” for my b-date. Fucker didn’t even look at the date. He glanced and handed it back. I got carded by someone 10 years younger than me for a fucking movie, and he couldn’t even bother to actually look at the fucking date.

Least I found it somewhat amusing. 😀