I have hope for this world…I think

Code Pink gets lesson in patriotic song singing by kids on school trip
(h/t to Blonde Sagacity

For those who don’t want to do the clicky, it includes a video of Code Pink, a group who’s protested the war wounded outside of Bethesda Hospital, singing a bastardized version of “God Bless America”. Well, the kids decided to educate them as to the correct lyrics. I found it highly amusing.


    1. Why are the kids that find their song annoying? Their response seemed measured, appropriate and right on target.

      Frankly, I’d be happy to see all the Code Pick assholes pack up and leave since they apparently don’t like the standards of this country of the past 100 years. Hell, even Dr Seuss made cartoons lambasting people like that.


    2. The kids were singing the actual words to “God Bless America”.

      As for “both sides”, well….Code Pink was there on purpose, and they are quite silly and annoying. The kids were there on a field trip and were targeted by the protesters. So I have greater amusement to the fact that the kids put the protesters in their place with some quick thinking. Kudos to them.


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