Ok, they want to be in this country illegally. So they write a new anthem, sung to the Stars and Stripes, but in Spanish? Can someone please clue them in? Apparently telling them to stop flying the Mexican flag (symbol of the country that can’t support them), didn’t hit home hard enough. Call me strange, but if I was going to go live in another country, and either try to become a citizen or legal worker of that country….I’d at least start working on learning the language and abiding by the laws. Not make the people who are citizens learn my language and my laws. *shakes head*

How do you segregate yourself out of society? Prove how much different you are. *sigh*


    1. Lots of noise, about as much economic impact as those “don’t buy gas one one single day” things have. It’d takes weeks, maybe a month before employers can’t cover the shortfall in labor with a “John, can you come in and cover Ramone’s shift on Monday?”

      And then, gosh, they’ll have to hire a legal citizen, start paying minimum wage and payroll taxes, and that will CRUSH OUR ECONOMY LIKE A BUG! AHHHH!

      And, there’s always a chance that the big demonstrations will turn into big riots and looting-fests and *really* piss off Middle America enough that the pro-amnesty camp decides maybe they don’t mind having a little examination of who’s entering the country after all.


      1. Yeah, that is pretty much what I figured (that it was similar to that gas thing).

        I am semi curious because of the protest that have been held here (in Chicago), and the very many people that have turned out for them. Of course, that can be very different in pratice.

        Also, I can’t imagine most illegals don’t need the money- even if for only a day of work.


    2. Actually, even better would be to try this in Mexico, where natural-born citizens are favored for jobs, homes, etc, over naturalized citizens, and legal immigrants. Mexican citizens also have the power to detain an illegal immigrant for the authorities…..


      1. Yeah, I always thought that little hypocritical point in their constitution was a bit funny. And I notice that the pro-illegal contingent of this country doesn’t even note that fact. No wonder Fox is all about getting rid of his under-class by sending them here. We give them a free ride.


      2. not to mention that, Mexico is a very wealthy country, just most of the money is circulated amongst the top few…..so, by illegal immigrants coming here and sending money home, that’s more money going into his pocket via taxes, etc.


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