Day: April 2, 2006

This is gonna be an interesting ride…..Today, I start my preps for my vacation this week and the one that starts next week. My Bitch fights Thursday, but it won’t be televised…again. (fuckers). But I do get to hang with my friends that I don’t get to see much. Work-wise, the business officially changed hands yesterday. Not really going to see any changes till May, so we’ll see how things improve – or don’t.

I’m mulling over competing in May’s NAGA competition, but it really depends on whether or not I get decent mat time in Cali. I feel something ready to burst out of me, but I’m not sure what it is, yet. The goal, for Cali, is to spend time with ET and to spend time with myself and my Bitch, and the new friends I’ve made over the last month. I’m hoping to work on developing some new habits while I’m out there, as well. I’d like to see myself start my mornings with Yoga, except on kickboxing days. I’ve already started meditating while I’m at work, during my breaks, and I’ve found that’s helping me out a good bit. I’m also making new friends with my teammates, which will be nice when it comes to sharing my fighting excitement, plus it’s more people to go to fights with. It’s also nice to help them train for NAGA, I’m taking the day off so I can be there with them, regardless whether I compete or not.

As to the TiVo, well, we have an early version and it’s been overheating, corrupting files, and overloaded with stupid messages and shit. I was trying to download my fights to tape, so I could make room for other stuff. Well, my fight files were corrupted, and one that I’m trying to download in pieces has a spot that hangs the TiVo so much that it crashes. As a result, I’ve been downloading in pieces for all of them. Once the files start to show fragging, I stop and let it cool off. So far it’s worked. I have one of the files completely downloaded, and working on another one. Hopefully, I’ll have three down by this evening and cleared off the harddrive.