Day: April 20, 2006

Scorpio for this week:

As you enter the Season of Unleashed Desire, here are a few guidelines to help you navigate your way through the interesting complexities ahead. (1) Consider the possibility that you have a lot to learn about what you really want. (2) Find out whether your chronic anger is obstructing the full bloom of a potentially beautiful desire. (3) Be careful about desiring experiences you don’t understand. (4) Meditate on the likelihood that some of your desires are superior to others, and that maybe you should cultivate those superior desires with more determination that you do the mediocre ones.

FreeWill Astrology

1) Yeah, some of this has been in my head today, with a few words left over from Sunshine, said in Vegas.
2) I’ve also had my realization that I do want to be able to rely on someone to take care of me when needed, and the disappointment that results is the stem of my anger. It was the main reason why I decided to stop having such high expectations, and just taking things as they come.
3) Everything in due time, I guess. Not sure what experiences I don’t understand, except maybe the ones that consume me.
4) Nothing like prioritizing.

With that said, I have more pics up on UFC 59, including a few of me. 😉

So, I guess I’m a little bit more high maintenance than I thought I was. So I’m going to admit it, and accept it. What I can see, from my own observations of myself, is that I will shut down in order to provide what I need for myself. When I’m with someone, I need to feel loved, and need to be shown that I’m loved. When I don’t get that, I kinda feel left by the wayside and clam up and look elsewhere. I guess I still have that fantasy of being consumed by some fictitious fire that will never exist.