Day: April 12, 2006

Scorpio for this week:

“Dear Dr. Brezsny: Usually I gobble up your words. They’re soul food that nourishes me for days. But last week’s ‘scope gave me indigestion. Was there a hidden meaning? Can I coax a deeper interpretation out of you? I promise I’ll give you the secret handshake and tell you the secret password. (It’s ‘swordfish.’) Would it help if I told you I once drank Red Bull from Maya Angelou’s slipper and that I’ve gathered gossip about you that thus far I’ve chosen not to reveal? Help me out. -Scorpio Who Hates Secrets Unless I’m Keeping Them.” Dear Scorpio: I think the problem is that you’ve been keeping so many secrets for so long that you’ve come to assume that every situation is crammed with secrets. The truth is, this is a highly unsecretive time for you. You should proceed as if there’s no good reason to hide anything and as if everyone is willing to reveal themselves freely.

FreeWill Astrology

Actually, I got last week’s with no confusion. 😛 Wouldn’t say there’s so much of a secret behind everything, as much as there’s always a greater story. But I’m in an absolute gigglefit about “who hate secrets unless i’m keeping them.” That’s a good description of me, outside of the fact that I’ll remain open, only as much as those around me remain open. Especially in relationships, as I’m a huge communication junkie. Of course, that other phrase comes to mind as well…”Dance as if no one sees you”. 😀 I’m gonna have a great weekend. Leave tomorrow for Cali, I’m so psyched. And at least one of the friends I made last weekend will be there. Hoping the other one will be as well.