Go House Reps on Capitol Hill! Normally, I hate you all, but you finally did something right….

Repub’s push to commend cops… (and no, I don’t care if it’s being pushed by Republicans, and if Democrats were smart, they’d get behind it too).

Now, as for McKinney, ditch the race card because the last shooting in a fed building was a white guy, and you’re not white by any stretch of the imagination. These people don’t get paid to recognize you, they get paid to keep you safe. If you want to leave a lasting impression on each of them so they remember your face….try being nice to them because I’m sure they’re used to people being rude to them every day, which makes you a face in the crowd.

At any rate, I’m glad you’re not my Rep anymore because you don’t represent your constituents, who might be primarily black. But at the end of the day, we’re all people and you need to represent the people, not yourself.

With that said, I hope the Black Caucus steps away from her for this, as well.


  1. i’m with you. if she’s stupid enough not to wear the id pin that she’s supposed to be wearing, she deserves the treatment she gets. after all, what makes her think that she’s special?


    1. She’s special, because she’s black, in a white house. And she’s the rep of a former Confederate state (nevermind the fact that GAs original constitution outlawed slavery).


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