First off, I would like to take this time to recognize all the Vets in my life, past or present, friend or phantom. You have my respect, and hats off to you.

Now onto the juicy stuff…

So yeah, I’ve been trying to get my head on straight this past week. Haven’t talked much about it, because it’s not really anyone else’s business, but know that my head is on straight and the cards will fall as they may. I’m at peace with my chosen direction and I accept any consequences of that choice. If I seem cold towards you, it’s not because I love or like you less, it’s the fact that a new chapter is opening in my life and I must begin writing it. That is my focus now. I understand that new chapters are being written elsewhere, and as the case may be, follow your heart and do what you need to do on your own path. Sometimes paths merge, sometimes they just cross, and sometimes they co-exist for a brief spot in time.

I can’t fully talk about what is in my head right now, even to those closest to me. This is for me, and me alone. It is not meant to hurt any of you, you are not being pushed away. Peace on your journey.

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