For those of you who haven’t heard my laughter, the fight the other day ended, not because I won (I lost), but because boy toy got popped in the nose by a shot that was going to the side of his face till he turned to look at me. He threw a piss fit and stormed out of the gym with the parting words, “You’re not good enough for Maxim”. How good is that? *giggles*

At any rate, I missed training yesterday because I was too sore, so I went in tonight to work with the instructor who was cornering us, to find out that the response from all my sparring partners was, “Please! Don’t hit me in the nose!” Followed by, “If you do, I’ll hit you back”. Which, of course, cracked me up, and had me saying, “Good, I prefer guys who’ll hit back.”

Congrats, boy toy, if you read this….you have become a joke in my gym, and gave me street cred. How nice is that? And you wonder why I laugh at you.


      1. Ok, here’s out it happened more or less.
        I told Metropolis to fuck off in a post, and you heard about it, headbutted several buffalos to death on your way to your comp, broke your fall with your face and put it back together, then laid down the law.

        That’s how it happened. More or less.


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