1. I’m inclined to disagree with ya, Mike…

      It does raise the question what her sincere interest is – what she’s going for. If I lost a child over a war I didn’t support to begin with – I’d be up there too.

      Granted, I wouldn’t be getting myself arrested. I can piss on “the man” a lot more out of jail than i can in it.


      1. Sincere? She’s a hypocrite, who praised Bush after her first meeting with him and then decided she liked the taste of the spotlight. Yes, he did meet with her well before the “vigil.” And then there are about 2000 other mothers who have lost children in Iraq who find other ways to honor their sacrifice even if they still publicly disagree with the war.

        Ask yourself why Sheehan’s family has distanced themselves from her–is it because they don’t care about their kinsman? I daresay it is not. It is because this woman has leveraged compassion and pity to score some attention.


  1. I just don’t get this woman.

    She’s upset her son was killed. Fine. Most parents would/should be.

    But he was a military man. Part of the U.S.’s fighting forces. And that’s what he died doing— fighting in an armed conflict.

    This woman needs to learn that the military isn’t there to take people’s children, discipline them, raise them into respectable adults, and then release them with a chunk of change for college. That’s not the military’s function. And that’s the bitch of it: What the military’s true function is, is what this kid died performing.

    Parents don’t get to choose what war their children go into, as if they don’t agree with it, then their children somehow shouldn’t have to. If that was going to be a problem, Ms. Sheehan should never have allowed her son to enter the military to begin with.


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