I had another deep-thought post in mind for today, but I’ll get to that later today or tomorrow….

At anyrate, I hit Blonde Sagacity and off-shot link to a video clip of a stoning. Definitely not for the faint of heart, but I will knock the site itself for the propaganda soundtrack that was completely unnecessary. I think the video clip itself, speaks louder than any soundtrack would.

The reasoning behind the visit was, first and foremost, morbid curiousity. The same thing that made me download the clip of the Nick Berg beheading. But the underlying reasoning is always the need to be reminded that humans are indeed a brutal animal. Regardless the sugar coating that various individuals can put over themselves (and I don’t doubt that they are indeed nice and wonderful people), at our core is the capability to mutilate and brutalize others. The good thing, is that not all people are devoid of the emotions that keep that ability in check, the sad part, is that enough people are.

At one point, war was something that was sanitized by the media, due to lacking access, no one knew the real facts that people faced. Nowadays, it’s gone the other direction, to the point where it’s so in your face, that we fail to face the fact that people are in a kill-or-be-killed environment, and we wish to hold them to some standard that ceased to exist when the environment was created. We become arm-chair commanders who know better than those who see the reality in front of their eyes. We make judgements on a real-life events that are filtered through a tv screen so that we can only get “surround sound” effect, but we are not watching the people who are our brothers and sisters, people we depend on for survival. We are watching “actors” in an unscripted movie, but yet, we make our judgements.

We all have our hidden compartments that lie at the bottom of a dark, creaky stairwell. Some of us have explored those parts, some of us haven’t. But deep down there, this exists in us all. It’s just a matter of the right elements coming together to light those stairwells. Know they are there, because if mindfulness is not heeded, there’s no way to maintain them, and there’s no coming back.


  1. interesting

    hard to make out details. what clinched the veracity of what i was seeing was the huge crowd of people that were there.

    the other stuff about gitmo etc was good too.



    1. Re: interesting

      Yeah, the camera was obviously just someone in the crowd (which kinda sucked, but hey, what can we expect), as for Gitmo, well, she manages to find more info than I can get on the subject, and I already have issues with the general MSM opinion of what’s going on.

      You’re welcome. 🙂


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