Ok. Got them done….

The trip was wonderful, the first couple of shots are the Catbox o’ Doom being prepped (and yes, that is a bed you see in the back). Most of the shots are actually there, as I ran into the same problem as I did on Deal’s Gap, few places to stop and take pictures. The dam that I did get a shot of was beautiful on the way down, they were releasing water, but no place to stop and shoot. The theme music on the way up was Depeche Mode, as provided by eternalredneck. Great driving music, btw. I got a few pictures of myself, so please feel free to laugh as I think they’re pretty dopey, and you can see the shot where I learned to wear my flip-flops in the water, as my shorts are quite wet. Next time I’ll have to grab the WT so he can take pictures (as I know I won’t get any of him).

So have at it…. The Blue Hole, Tenn.

And mntnlaurel, I was just over the GA/TN border, that’s why I didn’t stop by.

And just because I like to leave teasers like this…the drive home was great. Swimsuit and wife beater, quite a liberating experience, if you ask me.


  1. So beautiful

    Those are great pics, and you never know whenever we go I may have some pics taken of myself (as long as you don’t let anyone see them.;^)..) Glad to hear ya had another good trip, take it easy talk to you later.


    1. Re: So beautiful

      WT, you need to sign your entries. 😉 Though I’m sure there’s a comment in one of my other boxes letting me know. *wink*


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