A basic outline…

Temptation is the smooth feel
	of your body next to mine.
Building up the wall of our cell
	illuminated by the flash of light.
Among the bodies, moving
	frame by frame.

The sound of the speakers
	beating against our wall.
Bringing us closer
	as your hands grip me tighter.
Your lips against mine
	moving to lyrics in duet.

Words, expressing carnal desire
	on the sweet taste of fire water.
Stopped, mid-transition
	by the force of my own tongue.
Ceasing the conversation,
	as I pull your body into mine.

Our created cell blocking,
	everyone into non-existence.
The world made for us,
	in this moment of life.
Just us, snapshots in motion,
	to rhythms blaring from a speaker.


    1. ummmmmm, because if i had been in school last semester, i would have shot myself for taking too long??? *giggles* i’m actually tempted, at this point to go back for my masters in english. nutty thinking, on my part.


      1. Well, aside from the fact that it would cost an arm, a leg, and way too much time, it’s not a bad thought. Maybe I’m just bias though since I like your writing. 😛


      2. hehehehehehehe. honestly, i wouldn’t mind being in school if it were just for the knowledge factor. and thanks 🙂 i usually have to go seeking commentary. *grin*


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