Day: November 5, 2004

Last night WT and I went to see Team America. I am now scarred for life, but I definitely want the soundtrack. Very good flick, laughed my ass off the whole time. And seeing Michael Moore blow himself, and Mt Rushmore up, a la Islamist terrorist style was great.

In other news, I sent my Scotsman off to play soldier this morning. I missed waking up next to him, but the cats were happy to have space. I have no clue what the county workers are doing, but jackhammers are not fun to wake up to. But, now that he’s gone, I can go add my new shiney’s he’s been wanting for so long. I have some work to get done today, both paywork and housework. Shouldn’t have a problem with that, as I can do that after I catch up with the moonbird, and some before hand.