Day: November 1, 2004

As I was unable to attend, due to firedancing and sword wielding……

Congrats djaestheticand leiseengel, aka Mr. and Mrs. Bat!!!!!

May many happy years follow you and keep you sane!

*sniff* My little brother is all grown up. I’m very sorry I missed it, as I was informed it was absolutely beautiful.

The strangest things happened yesterday. To the point I’m tempted to just change my b-day to the 31st of October. First thing, my parents called to wish me a happy hatch day, 3 days early. My mum informed me that she hasn’t sent my card yet, but she’s got 3 days. My grove gifts were awesome. My brother gave me a sickle that he made for me, and my sisters gave me some awesomeness – 2 black dog yoga shirts, a gray marine corps baseball shirt (prrrrrrrrrrrrr), a crystal necklace and my other brother gave me an agate necklace his wife made. Much early loveliness. The drawback, I now have to go through my shirt drawer to ditch shirts to make room for those, and rearrange my jewelry boxes for the new necklaces. But all’s cool.