Day: November 16, 2004

Fears. I’m having them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m cool with the changes being made and what the future is going to bring to me. But I do have fear. Are the changes we need going to be made in time, will I be able to budget well enough to finish the changes on my own–if needed, will the legal paperwork be completed and filed beforehand? *sigh* I know this is still an up-in-the-air decision, and that many of these things were slated to be done, eventually. But the timeline has been pushed up, and I’m already feeling the crunch of trying to get things up and running in other parts of my life. The good thing, is that I’m awake again. My focus hasn’t completely recovered, but it’s getting there. I just need to schedule my life, and make sure that it stays on track (and that includes the business b.s. that I go through) and that everything co-operates with everything else (my day not being wasted by people who don’t understand schedules). I think I’m over-complicating things at this point, though. I really need to just sit back, make lists (yeah, I do make them), and start plotting destruction.

With that said, I’m sure some of you locals, that have more talent in areas that I don’t, will be getting calls on help with various projects. If it comes to that, I’m more than willing to spring for delicacies to repay your assistance.

In other news, my chest itches. A lot.