Month: December 2010

Merry Christmas from a not-so-snowed in France!

My apologies for those who have called, as it seems my phone has been taken out of the system (found this out as I was trying to add minutes to it), so no returning of phone calls. Delta almost didn’t give me my bags, apparently the bay door was frozen shut and it took 30 minutes to open.

The flight itself wasn’t bad, outside of the fact that the main attendant was right, lots of first timers on the flight. Mainly ones who didn’t realize you could check your bag for free, thus there were lots of folks without places to put said bags. One ended up next to me with no leg space because she didn’t understand “bring your bags to the front, so we can gate check them.” The food sucked, I’m spoiled by Air France and KLM, that’s all I can say. I missed my wine, as I wanted to try the other choices this time around. Delta has gotten overly cheap, but they sent me a survey, so I’ll mention it.

Anyway, I hope to have the phone issue settled by tomorrow, otherwise, you can leave a message on my regular business mail, since it’s online I can listen to it, just too expensive to call back.

So lesson for this round, as much as I like the direct flight, I won’t be doing that unless it’s being run by Air France. I’ll settle for packing enough underwear to tide me over till my bags arrive. Unless they allow me to gate check for my first flight.

I received a response from my Statement of Claim, regarding the HVAC issue, what looks like the original one. Not sure if the guy faxed it in (if he can) or if he sent a duplicate copy to the court. Guess we’ll find out soon, as to when we go to court. Though, from a quick read, I guess HVAC only consists of a thermostat and a furnace, to him.

I was really hoping to be able to post pictures of my super cool steam-punk-esque chandelier for my dining room. Unfortunately, bad wiring – or something – occurred and I cannot. The positive side is the new switch is working beautifully. I was worried last night, but this morning I got the bug in my head to try the kitchen light, which does turn on, so I know the circuit issue starts at the dining room light. Tomorrow, I have a friend coming over to test the wiring and see where the issue is, and if he can patch fix it, it’d be great. I’m getting the name of my other friend’s electrician contractor today in the event it’s something bigger. If that is the case, and one does need to be called in, I’m going to go ahead and have this circuit split up (goes on the list for the purchase of the next house – how loaded are the breaker switches?).

Right now, this one has the kitchen overhead light, dining room fan/light, foyer light/outlet, all the living room and sunroom outlets (about 10-12 total), sunroom fan/light and an apparent “after market” outlet addition in the floor that was badly wired to begin with (possibly a DIY given the fact I fried it trying to stabilize the receptacle). Oh yeah, at least one of the living room outlets doesn’t work. I haven’t tested them, but I think they were the original “lighting” outlets that were disconnected for the floor outlet.

Also, all of the above was on a 15 switch. The dining room outlets (3-4 total) are on a 20 switch. Someone fucked up.

Minor update, of sorts.

Had my appointment with my Orthodontist yesterday, got the x-rays, molds, digital movement models taken care of and have the follow-up for a treatment plan scheduled. The basics, I have to have surgery on both the pallet and and the mandible to widen them and level them out. There’s another procedure that he thinks I’m a good candidate for, that will help out the gum issue (they’re healthy, but receding at a horribly fast rate) and possibly save the front teeth. Either way, the teeth will stop hurting, hopefully the headaches will go away, along with the TMJ. Won’t know the recovery time till I talk with the surgeon, but I will get the opportunity for a vow of silence. Should be interesting.

My hope, is that I won’t be out for a year from training. I know I won’t be back to doing tournaments for that duration and possibly longer, but I really hope they’ll allow technique training.

And yes, I will have to gain weight before hand. Will be shooting for 15-20lbs, so lots of carb loading and good fatty foods, with little exercise. Good thing I have a wonderful group of people surrounding me. Love you all.

I need to get back to writing, as evidenced by the lack of posting here. After spending several days wondering why, it’s mainly because my main thinking time is at work, where I don’t have internet (yet) and the fact that a few situations has stilted my desire to speak my mind (that whole, people must drum up drama from what someone says, and not take it and leave it at face value). What I write here is normally what I’m thinking or feeling at that given moment about whatever subject I’m writing. In the past, that resulted in overt interrogations about what exactly I was talking about and how that involved certain people that weren’t even part of my mental discussion. I need to get over that.

The other part, is that I’m pretty involved in business stuffs, which is my focus and not necessarily the poetry and stories of my life. I need to reverse that and find a nice balance between the two, I miss poetry. I think I need to just fill up my 8×11.5 notebook, so I can invest in a smaller one that fits in my messenger bag. Maybe I’ll leave that one at work.

I’m also spending a decent chunk working on my house stuffs. I’ve fixed 2 walls, and tonight I’ll start working on the next one. After that, the ceiling joints of said walls. Fun stuff, actually. Once all of that is done, I start on the new base molding. I’m considering ceiling molding on the basis that it will save me from having to re-seam the living/dining room joints, as those are the ones in the worst of shape. We shall see, but it will be beautiful. Keeps me busy in my free time, too.

Been working on my culinary skills, as well. Not going as well as the house stuffs, but at least it’s going. Occasionally, I get a bug to cook something “European”, least, my version of a fancy lunch/dinner. Still loving the Thai cooking, but that’s because it involves shoving everything into one bowl. Maybe I’ll just focus on lunch, since I have time to cook it, as dinner comes right after I get home.

So that’s the update.