I was really hoping to be able to post pictures of my super cool steam-punk-esque chandelier for my dining room. Unfortunately, bad wiring – or something – occurred and I cannot. The positive side is the new switch is working beautifully. I was worried last night, but this morning I got the bug in my head to try the kitchen light, which does turn on, so I know the circuit issue starts at the dining room light. Tomorrow, I have a friend coming over to test the wiring and see where the issue is, and if he can patch fix it, it’d be great. I’m getting the name of my other friend’s electrician contractor today in the event it’s something bigger. If that is the case, and one does need to be called in, I’m going to go ahead and have this circuit split up (goes on the list for the purchase of the next house – how loaded are the breaker switches?).

Right now, this one has the kitchen overhead light, dining room fan/light, foyer light/outlet, all the living room and sunroom outlets (about 10-12 total), sunroom fan/light and an apparent “after market” outlet addition in the floor that was badly wired to begin with (possibly a DIY given the fact I fried it trying to stabilize the receptacle). Oh yeah, at least one of the living room outlets doesn’t work. I haven’t tested them, but I think they were the original “lighting” outlets that were disconnected for the floor outlet.

Also, all of the above was on a 15 switch. The dining room outlets (3-4 total) are on a 20 switch. Someone fucked up.


  1. Add up the wattage of the bulbs and divide by 110. The circuit should be no larger than 80% of the rated circuit, 12 amps (for 15 amp circuits) or 16 amps (for 20 amp circuits). This is the 80% rule.

    If it still trips a breaker and the amperage is lower than the 80% value of the circuit, I’d strongly suspect a wiring short circuit somewhere.


    1. It’s not the breaker that’s tripping, it flat out died and would not turn on. Basically, someone fucked up on the wiring, as I’ve been informed that the outlets should be on a separate circuit from the lights (and if I have to call in an electrician, they will be). Mostly likely, some of these were added after it was built but I won’t know until after I speak with the community handyman. The only thing I do know, is that the floor outlet was added and is not part of the schematics.

      According to my renovations guy, more than likely a wire got bumped around and either broke or disconnected, but I hope to find out for sure tomorrow when I have it checked out.


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