Minor update, of sorts.

Had my appointment with my Orthodontist yesterday, got the x-rays, molds, digital movement models taken care of and have the follow-up for a treatment plan scheduled. The basics, I have to have surgery on both the pallet and and the mandible to widen them and level them out. There’s another procedure that he thinks I’m a good candidate for, that will help out the gum issue (they’re healthy, but receding at a horribly fast rate) and possibly save the front teeth. Either way, the teeth will stop hurting, hopefully the headaches will go away, along with the TMJ. Won’t know the recovery time till I talk with the surgeon, but I will get the opportunity for a vow of silence. Should be interesting.

My hope, is that I won’t be out for a year from training. I know I won’t be back to doing tournaments for that duration and possibly longer, but I really hope they’ll allow technique training.

And yes, I will have to gain weight before hand. Will be shooting for 15-20lbs, so lots of carb loading and good fatty foods, with little exercise. Good thing I have a wonderful group of people surrounding me. Love you all.

One comment

  1. If there was a way, I would totally give you some of my lbs. The pallet and mandible aren’t wide enough? Does this make it harder to eat certain things? Just curious because I’ve known people who have jaws too large or too small for their teeth.


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