Merry Christmas from a not-so-snowed in France!

My apologies for those who have called, as it seems my phone has been taken out of the system (found this out as I was trying to add minutes to it), so no returning of phone calls. Delta almost didn’t give me my bags, apparently the bay door was frozen shut and it took 30 minutes to open.

The flight itself wasn’t bad, outside of the fact that the main attendant was right, lots of first timers on the flight. Mainly ones who didn’t realize you could check your bag for free, thus there were lots of folks without places to put said bags. One ended up next to me with no leg space because she didn’t understand “bring your bags to the front, so we can gate check them.” The food sucked, I’m spoiled by Air France and KLM, that’s all I can say. I missed my wine, as I wanted to try the other choices this time around. Delta has gotten overly cheap, but they sent me a survey, so I’ll mention it.

Anyway, I hope to have the phone issue settled by tomorrow, otherwise, you can leave a message on my regular business mail, since it’s online I can listen to it, just too expensive to call back.

So lesson for this round, as much as I like the direct flight, I won’t be doing that unless it’s being run by Air France. I’ll settle for packing enough underwear to tide me over till my bags arrive. Unless they allow me to gate check for my first flight.

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