Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

I’m guessing that you’ve been ushered into a frontier that affords you no recognizable power spot. It probably feels uncomfortable, like you’ve lost the inside track. And now along comes some wise guy — me — who advises you in his little horoscope column that you are exactly where you need to be. He says that this wandering outside the magic circle is pregnant with possibilities that could help you make better use of the magic circle when you get back inside at a later date. I hope you will heed this wise guy and, at least for the moment, resist the temptation to force yourself back into the heart of the action.

FreeWill Astrology

Why yes, it does feel a bit uncomfortable. If there’s one thing I’ve discovered, there’s no use in forcing an issue…particularly when you’re pushing against solid rock and you don’t have dynamite – just a chisel. At which point, you need to be patient if you plan to make a hole with said chisel. Do I like it? Fuck no and being in this position, the way I am kinda pisses me off. Mainly, because this has been a commonplace position for way too long and the moment for the move to the aggressive position has not opened up. Though, it would be staved off if people had a concept of paying on time, and doing things when they were asked to do them…but that would be a totally different post.

The positive, is that I have a new phone number for my business, which will reduce my phone bill back into the double digits. A basic website that at least gets my name out there, until I can afford the full package deal with search capabilities. This weekend I’m going to attempt to upload the calendar function to my personal webspace so I can at least get that back to my current clients.

I’ve been doing everything I can to minimize my need for cash out-flow, and about that only thing that succeeds in doing, is reducing my in-flow. I don’t get it.

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