Month: May 2010

Well, I am at a crossroads, again. Another chapter is ending, and the prologue for the next is being written. I’m contemplating the continuation of my personal site, as it needs to evolve again. I know I will always be Freakchylde, and the name will need to evolve as well. I need a newer definition of who she is, as this next part of my life comes into play. She still is who she is, and then some….but what is that ‘then some’?

We will find out soon enough. 🙂 Time to return to the roots, so I can get some direction for the leaves and branches.

That said….anyone know of a small-type willow that can thrive on a second story condo patio? It feels weird not having one around.

Finally, things have settled down a bit. Still need to do some catching up on phone calls, but feeling more in tune. house stuffs have stalled because I’m still doing the ‘where does this go’ dance. I’m contemplating a stand-alone wine rack for the dining room and redoing the library shelving. My room is still a mess and I won’t even look at it till I get the rest done (since I have to knock out a wall and install 2 walls).

I’ve decided to even out the schedules, as I really miss writing, and would like to set aside time during the week to do that, start my yoga/meditation practice and start running again. The marathon through Trudeau proved I’m seriously out of shape (ever notice that the places you need to be fastest are always at the furthest distance?). Which, by the way, Delta and Air France will be getting their verbal bitchslaps tomorrow.

Otherwise, I’m looking at hosting co’s for the Playground, as AT&T finally broke the camel’s back. Goal is to be done with them by mid-June. Any suggestions on cable modems with wifi capabilities, or a spare one that can be sold?

I’ve arrived in France. First time with more internet time than downloading and responding to important mail.

I am crossing Chicago off my port city list, as well, the concept of airport maps by their terminal map is apparently a foreign concept. And it looks like I’ll need to do direct flights out, and connecting flights in. This is the second time Delta has left my bag behind, so either I have to take direct flights, or I need to carry-on my bag. This is bullshit, 4 hours isn’t enough, and neither is 1 hour. Makes me wonder if Delta needs a full day, and if that’s the case, they can fuck off.

Otherwise, I love Under Armor. My compression shorts are the best thing this side of boy shorts.

Politics-wise. I’m not sure if this is a reaction to the current anti-burqa policies of the state, or if I just didn’t get out as much last time. But I am seeing more women in head scarves than I ever have. I also saw my first fire bombed car and truck, as the protests are moving further and further outside of Paris (I’m 3 hours southwest). I plan to get a picture of it later, because I don’t think the news that makes it to the States is a decent portrayal of things.

Otherwise, visited Grandmere today and got to see more of Tours, last night was Iron Man 2, which I was completely lost for a couple of reasons. Lack of language, and the fact that it was disorienting to be reading lips and hearing something completely different. Almost made me fall over in my chair, which was weird.

Oh yeah, for those keeping track, I did get felt up in Chicago. But I managed to avoid the full-body scanner in Atlanta. We’ll see how it goes on the way home.