Day: June 10, 2010

I’m trying to somewhat get on a schedule again. Somewhat failing. Mainly because I’m trying to get the house in order, second issue is food. I’m finding that I’m naturally falling into Ayurvedic habits, which I really like, but my summer habits mean I eat less at each sitting and my work/training schedule doesn’t actually mesh very well with an increase in meal/snack times.

Sooooo, what to do?? Well, as soon as I can get the bills under control, I’ve got my ideas to help me with all of this. Summer meals tend to start with granola, yogurt, berries. An hour later, some eggs and coffee. Then lunch. This is where it falls off the planet and the issues occur. I’m usually at work and working, which means….no food. If I’m in Buckhead, I can snag a decent salad and I’m fine (the Biscuit rocks on this).

And this is where I’m looking for ideas. From my travels, I have some good ideas on stuff and plan to incorporate them.

Meal options, suggestions welcome