Word of the month = STRESS!

Closing was supposed to be Friday past, but it’s been changed to this week, whenever we finish the loan paperwork. *le sigh* One of my external contracts has paid up and is current, still waiting on the other two (one just likes to wait till the invoice due date, the other is LATE). I’m tired of house stuff shopping, in fact, I’m exhausted by it. I’m down to emailing Lord Govannan and see if he can make some end tables for me, because I don’t want Target or Ikea standard, and I don’t feel like paying $200 for one end table that’s not custom made. I sucked up my sore feet and went to the floor store, I’m liking the bamboo flooring, but need to talk with my training partner about that stuff. Then it’s going to be down to the colouring and the finishing to avoid Elan messes staining things. I’m coming to grips with the fact that the immediate renovations I want are going to have to be put on hold, and the fact that my emergency account will be non-existent till I can re-save money to put back into it, as what’s left in it is going to AMEX (fuck you Chase, and your little dog, too). But, this will give me a $200/mth leeway after all is said and done, so savings, no problem, contracts not paying up on time, no problem.

Anyway, tonight is Judo class #2. I like the way it’s working out my body, and I don’t have to worry about getting nailed across the face. It’s actually doing more for my hip movement than kickboxing did, even though I need to get back to that for the flexibility aspect. I can’t wait for vacation….

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