Dear Barney Frank, and the rest of the Senate FHA committee…..may a yeast infection of the rectal cavity be visited upon you for creating the clusterfuck that resulted in the last month of stress for me and the extra money I will have to pay out for the amended Federal tax return.

The positives, closing is next week, I don’t have to file an amended state return. I have packed the bedroom bookshelves and can move them ASAP once I get my keys. Judo leaves me sore as hell, in all the right places. I can almost do a full walking step on my left foot (guess that means the next round of injuries will be to my right-side joints, since the left side has been covered). I have put in for my change of address, starting April 1, now to just change all my account addresses, and hopefully VISA will actually change it this time (fuckers).

Otherwise, I hate house-stuffs shopping, I really do. Hoping to take JudoFredy to the store this Sunday to pick out stuffs, so all he has to do is measure and figure out the estimate, get that to the parentals and be done by the end of next week. *fingers crossed that he has the time* Painting will happen as soon as I have keys. I’ve emailed Lord G, waiting to hear back from him. Then…..vacation!!!! 2 weeks in France with Pastry. I made him promise me a massage and a trip to Clos du Ste. Luce to look at the Da Vinci inventions.


  1. Credit card co.’s are notorious about taking several months to change the address on your account…no matter how many times you note it on your statement or call no customer service.


    1. Well, my Visa has to go through my Credit Union, that’s the only card that didn’t change the address as requested. But I call, as I don’t do the mail thing, which I’ll start doing again, as soon as I have the keys to my front door. 😀


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