Month: February 2010

Things to do, once I’m back from France and my house is in order:

Host a potluck
Socialize more (hey look, I’m closer to downtown!)
Get my schedule straight
Start biking to work more (via Marta)

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Some Scorpios bring out the worst in people. Other Scorpios draw out the best. Then there are those members of your tribe who sometimes bring out the worst in their fellow humans and other times bring out the best. Where do you fit in this spectrum? Regardless of your position up until now, I’m betting that in the coming months you’ll be moving in the direction of bringing out more of the best. And it all begins now. To get the process underway, think of five people you care about, and visualize the wonderful futures that it might be possible for them to create for themselves.

FreeWill Astrology

Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! Right now, I’m willing to say I’m somewhere in the middle. I’m too fucking stressed to care about the best/worst in others. In fact, I have a few choice words for a few to help them in deciding which direction I’m going with them. Normally, I’m willing to say I bring out the best, because I do encourage people to make changes they think are needed, or give them the cheer to keep them going.

With that in mind, Chase bank can kiss my shiny white German-Irish ass. They have no concept of communication, and I’ve been going through this process for over 2 weeks now, and the other night – yes night – they FINALLY update me, saying they either need more gift money or I need to file my taxes. Yep, file my taxes, give up the $6k-ish credit for buying said house, and kiss the expansion of my business good-bye. I said no. I told them I was willing to get paperwork to them from my Accountant to show what was being filed for 2009, but I would not authorize the filing until the purchase is over. Nor would I give them $20k as a down payment on a $67,500 (edit: just got an email, $18k down payment, they didn’t ask for paperwork from my accountant). So, I’m stressing, big time. The nice thing, is that I’ve restarted the process with another bank, they’re talking with my accountant, they’re communicating with me on a daily basis and not giving me half stories. But still, I’m having panic attacks. Too much crap going on and too much room for shit to hit the fan. I need a vacation, but I can’t leave because I close on the 12th, then I have to do the renovations. The good thing, is my parents are coming to help me move and renovate, my designer kicks ass and is going over my ideas and pricing them out for me. The Italian Stallion is going to check out my HVAC and see if it can be fixed or how much it will be to be replaced. As soon as things are done, going to drag psychosu to Home Depot, whether she likes it or not, to pick out paint and vent back and forth on various crap we’re dealing with, and get JudoFredy to take a look at the floors and see what we can do, and go shopping for those. *sigh* I need to break someone.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Happy Valentine Daze, Scorpio! After meditating on what advice would best serve your love life, I decided to offer you the words of psychologist Carl Jung: “The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.” As I see it, my dear, acting on Jung’s wisdom will help you carry out your primary task in the coming months, which is to bring novel experiences and fresh perspectives to your most engaging relationship. The best way to accomplish that is not with non-stop serious talk and intense analysis, but with a generous dose of playful improvisation and experimental fun.

FreeWill Astrology

Sounds pretty much how I see it. There’s a time for serious discussions, but I’ve always been more of a fan of letting things uncover themselves as I go along. I find it’s more fun and keeps things more engaging.

As for the ‘update of the week’, not much going on. Need to call my lawyer and inspection team this afternoon to set up appointments and find out fees and whatnot. Not stressing over that anymore because I just made a priority list and left it at that. Mentally, I’m doing pretty good, thanks to a good conversation yesterday, my nightmares should be gone, least, I haven’t had a negative thought in that direction since then. Spent all yesterday in my PJs with season one of Fraggle Rock. Seeing that made me wonder why the hell no one has broken it out for the ‘modern kid’. I think that stuff is much better than some of the bs they have on TV these days for kids.

I’m disappointed with NBC, they’ve blocked access of their Olympics coverage for basic internet users, unless you want to watch the ‘highlight’ propaganda. Otherwise, you have to have IPTV or a cable subscription. Sad, as this is something I’d pay for, but they don’t offer that option.

Headspace? Doing pretty good, gearing up for vacation, trying to take it easy and work on the contract ideas I have in my head to get the business rolling.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Last week was the anniversary of my very first weekly horoscope column, which appeared years ago in the Good Times, a newspaper in Santa Cruz, California. My initial effort was crude and a bit reckless compared to what I eventually learned to create. And yet it was imbued with a primal fervor and heartfelt adventurousness that had a certain charm, and many people seemed to find it useful. Today I bow down to that early effort, honoring it for the seed it sprouted and thanking it for the blessings it led to. I encourage you to do something similar to what I just described, Scorpio: Pay homage to the origins that made it possible for you to be who you have become.

FreeWill Astrology

Hrm….keeps with the season of things! More to think upon for later. 😀

Yay! Turned in my tax stuffs today. All I have to do is fax over my remainder 1099s and pay my last quarter of taxes, and I’m done.

Faxed over all the contract and paperwork to my agent for the condo, offer is heading over. I can pay myself tomorrow and pay the first of the month bills.

New contract looks promising, yesterday I did nothing but free 5-10 minute sessions and talked with patients. I stayed busy and had several people looking to book appointments for next week.

Need to dig through my computer box and see if I can find my photoshop and quicken for windoz, for the office computer.

All-in-all everything is good. Last year ended up a prosperous year for me, even though I ended up with a final tally not much higher than the previous years, but it was higher. This year, need to increase that.

I am positive!!!!! Oh yeah, and I managed to sneak around the fear that is laundry at the doc’s office, got mine done and started on the office laundry. We’ll see how that progresses further into the week.