Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Congratulations, Scorpio. You’ve reached the end of the Big Squeeze. You’ve served your time in the bottleneck. And so I invite you to relax your pinched expression, loosen up your puckered expectations, and let the Season of Experiments begin. According to my projections, you will soon be receiving a host of invitations to wander into the frontier with your raw sense of wonder turned up all the way. Please research each invitation thoroughly before choosing. When you’ve decided which adventures are most likely to enhance your understanding of the art of liberation, dive in.

FreeWill Astrology

Woohooo!!!!! That said, yes, I have quite a few adventures lined up, main one dealing with stupid Delta raising their prices all of a sudden (hope they go down next week, again). In two weeks I am off to conquer the white waters of the Ocoee and as I mentioned that there are good bike trails up there, the stage manager is up there this weekend to check them out, and arrange for a biking trip for Friday or Sunday. Grrrrrrrrrr. Training yesterday was AWESOME!!!! Too bloody sore today, absolutely loving it.

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