Day: June 11, 2009

So last night, I headed out to the sister gym in Villa Rica, with my training partner. Holy hell am I sore today! A is back in a happy place (which makes me happy) and I’m finding my desire to train again. It was good, learned a couple of new Gi chokes from C, helped one of their white belt females a bit and gave a helpful smack to one of their male heavy weights on the concept of using strength (he spent too much time trying to yank on my elbow for an armbar). It was a good talk, he was very apologetic and I explained to him he needs to focus on the grip break, not the yanking of the arm – especially with people who are holding onto their arm for dear life because they see it breaking if they let go. 😀

Anyway, it was a good night and catching up with my old training partner. Miss him, wish I could make it up there earlier to train with him.