Scorpio for this week:

“Dear Rob: Three and a half weeks ago, I had a dream that I was an archaeologist excavating hell. I took comfort in the fact that I was just a visitor, not a permanent resident, but my stay there was . . . well, hellish. Whenever I found an interesting artifact buried in the hot dirt, it would spontaneously ignite. I narrowly avoided getting burned again and again. Anyway, my actual waking life has pretty much felt like that ever since the dream. Yesterday, though, I felt the torment lifting. And then last night I dreamed of floating in a fireproof boat along an underground molten river of lava that eventually took me out to a green meadow under blue skies. Whew! -Sizzled Scorpio.” Dear Sizzled: Your journey parallels that of many of your fellow Scorpios. Welcome back from hell!

FreeWill Astrology

I can’t really say that I’ve felt like I’ve been in hell, although my insomnia has been a bit of a bitch lately. Sorting through my recent emotional growth has also been interesting, even though I’ve found it to be a roller coaster of awe-inspiring proportions. I think the one downside, has been trying to reconnect with those close to me. I feel that slipping away from me in ways that highly disturb me, but at the same time, this overwhelming freedom of a new beginning is creeping its way towards me.

For those I haven’t told (which is quite a few), my WT has decided to call our relationship quits, for some reason that eludes me, and which he won’t elaborate upon. It kinda pisses me off, because I see no reason for it, and he was trying to use my desire to see him grow in his life, as me pushing him away. Anyone who feels they need to throw family away for something like that, isn’t worth my time. And it sucks that it had to end this way, but I guess that’s just the way life goes. I’ve been making progress on my “clearing my conscience” post, that will occur on my b-day. So, I guess I should fill you all in on that…

I am coming to the close of another decade, and with that comes the shedding of more skin. In order to do that, I will be shedding my burdens. That is, all the grudges I’ve carried through my 20s. What this means, is that I will be posting an alphabetized list of people I hold grudges against, the grudge, and whether or not it is something I consider worthy of terminating a friendship over. Thankfully, at this point, there’s more positive than negative, least, from me. I understand that some of these might come as a surprise for you all who are on the list, and hopefully, for those of you, with whom I wish to start over, you will be willing to do so with me. Obviously, given whatever time needed to digest what I have to say. For those of you who wish to remove me from your life, I accept that choice and won’t hold it against you. There are just some things we cannot do, for whatever reasons are our own. At any rate, this will be posted on my birthday, so you have time to prep if, for any reason, you think you are on this list. There will be no commentary allowed, I will not discuss things, they will just be.

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